Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Follow-Up" #4

     [from Dimasio's Self Comes to Mind]

"There is an inescapable and fundamental difference between the strictly controlled aspect of the life process present inside our organisms and all the imaginable things and events out in the world or in the rest of the body. This difference is indispensable to understanding the biological foundation of the self processes." (199)

"The brain needs to introduce into the mind something that was not present before, namely, a protagonist. Once a protagonist is available in the midst of other mind contents, and once that protagonist is coherently linked to some of the current mind contents, subjectivity begins to inhere in the process." (201)

"What is being added to the plain mind process and is thus producing a conscious mind is a series of images, namely, an image of the organism ...; the image of an object-related emotional response (that is, a feeling); and an image of the momentarily enhanced causative object. The self comes to mind in the form of images, relentlessly telling a story of such engagements." (203)

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