Friday, October 25, 2013

No Object #8: Charlie McCarthyism & Palimpsestasis

The idea of “class struggle” does not
name a thing but rather the urge
to again expose class as we must when
the Democrat-wing of the Hegemony tries to become
“the voice of the middle class” and thereby
avoids the fact of its
“ventriloquization” by the 1 %.
When the Honors program at your college
turns away from race to questions of
beautiful thought or non-racialized
environmentalism or pro-choice or
anti-death-penalty politics, we have
stasis because class is
actually erased or written over as if in a
The party provides something new to worry over
while forgetting that women, prisoners, and species are
victims of money: “tutto che scintille…”
can draw your eyes away,
and money  confers “aristo”-cracy
only thru the myth of how naturally
“cream rises to the top.”
The struggle to bring a new layer of struggle
to public attention fails when
it gets translated back into
this tongue of power that comes from
the belly of the invisible beast:
ventriloquism for the dummy is
spouting talk from another’s guts
while the mouth just smiles.

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